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Bambinimio - Celebrating 5 YEARS!

Posted by dgglozman on August 25, 2017 at 8:15 AM

Bambinimio is 5 years old and to celebrate its first milestone, I would like to give back to the community of my loyal return and new customers by offering 50% off on all the items in this catalogue.

5 years is a small step, but Bambinimio has many bold and ambitious plans ahead – stay tuned! Miles and miles of yarn, hundreds of pompoms, million of creative ideas that you, my customers and now friends, inspired me by over these years, and continue to motivate me every day.


So, enjoy the savings and pick up an item or two for yourself or your loved ones! Payment: e-transfer or cash

***Valid until September 5th*** " target="_blank">

Girls' Comradery?!

Posted by dgglozman on August 5, 2014 at 8:05 PM

     Separation with my cellphone left me feeling almost naked – my hand motion seamed to repeat the moves that are so ordinary, natural, almost biological, although at the moment pointless, since I didn’t have that one device which for many of us replaces magazines, books, advisors, ministries of health, education, justice, crafts divas and culinary experts, doll makers and relationship therapists, etc., and even girlfriends…I left it home knowing that I won’t need it in my travels across Europe. I felt separation right away.

     I was cut off my daily routine of socializing with Mommies of all sizes and shapes, colours and political views, tastes in fashion and dietary preferences. My Group of Women, my social club to which anyone can turn with a burning question or to vent out their anger, to share the joy of childbirth or fears of the latter, what kind of gift to get for mother or daughter, insurance, citizenship and immigration – there is no one field where we might needed an advice or direction in and we couldn’t get a response, day or night.

     Quite often our second ‘halves’ tease us that we are unable to keep friendships, to be open about ourselves, to take criticism well without holding the grudge. I think we can defy these accusations – we formed a special bond, our own unique comradery that exists between soldiers who went through some trying events. We have developed a feeling of trust, a bond created by a shared goal or experience — you don't have to be best friends with everyone in the group to know you have their support. Yet we share respect for each other, care not to hurt intentionally as we all walk many miles in “OUR” shoes as Mommies! 

Toronto Mommies

Hands-on Science Class, or Did You Know How to Churn Butter?

Posted by dgglozman on July 28, 2014 at 2:55 PM

Churning your own butter is easier than you think. Normally, I make unsalted butter from the organic cream. However, from time to time I do enjoy flavoured/herb butter too, or as Germans call it Kräuterbutter (would certainly sound better if someone said it with a thick German accent). The taste is fantastic! Try it and you'll never serve your steak without German Herb Butter again.

On a regular Saturday morning our English class decided to travel back in time, when you had to make your own butter! With our students, we used a classic simple butter recipe without any ‘green stuff’ (if you know what I mean – kids think that green veggies will turn them into GREEN-monsters, please try that at home).

It was a hands-on class and a unique opportunity for our students to try and churn butter themselves. We did not feel lazy, so we asked our sous-chefs to whip some cream the old-fashion way: in a thick glass jar with a clean large pebble or marble. We said our ‘Good Luck’ to them….. The rest of the group, driven by the desire to have butter before the dusk, resorted to using a classic kitchen gadget – mixer!

The cream was at room temperature so it could whip easier and turn into butter faster, and we started the process. We saw different stages the cream went through, starting with whipped cream, then getting drier and grainy, then getting really dry.

Once it started separating from the sides of the bowl, we turned down the speed because the buttermilk could make a big splashy mess if we didn’t catch it. Then we saw a few drops of buttermilk at the bottom of the bowl. Our butter started to come together into a large yellow blob. Note from Seasoned Butter-Maker: If you’re using grass-fed cow cream that’s collected in Spring, you will be amazed at how bright and yellow your butter becomes, despite starting with white cream!

The next step was to strain out the buttermilk. Since it wasn’t one of the professional fully equipped kitchens at The Food Network Shows, we used a clean cheese cloth and a plastic container and, certainly, clean hands(!) to complete that task. With the clock ticking and minutes flying by taking us to the end of our class, we couldn’t get rid of all the liquid in our freshly made butter but we were so eager to try it. In the meantime, our helpers prepared piles of crackers for us to finally do the TASTING!

“Yammy! Delicious!” was the verdict of our butter making class, with everyone taking their very own vial of butter home for their parents to try and memories that will last for many years.

Garden colours create harmony in my soul

Posted by dgglozman on June 20, 2014 at 5:05 PM

I absolutely love this time of the year when my little garden is in full bloom, and I can just sit back, relax and work on my soft and cozy projects that will keep you warm in the winter: hats and scarves, shawls and toques, headbands and legwarmers.

There is nothing like knitting stitch after stitch and listening to the peaceful buzzing of the honey bee, or watching a butterfly with its velvety wings up, taking a short rest before it continues on its carefree and seemingly easy journey.

Just like the yarn unrolls and lays down into straight rows that will soon acquire their shape and character, and will be happy to cheer their new owners up in the grey, gloomy and cold winter days, my picturesque flowers add new colours to the garden with every dawn, making me wonder about the hues Mother Nature will splash out tomorrow. I love to discover a hidden little blossom looking different than its ‘sisters’, with a streak of turquoise or fuchsia, graphite or sea foam, resembling an exotic bird.

The colour mix creates harmony my eyes enjoy and my soul is getting inspired by!

Raising a Happy and Healthy Baby

Posted by dgglozman on March 16, 2013 at 7:30 PM

Hey, I am happy to be back with my blog entries and extremely excited for it to become a ‘meeting place’ for mommies and daddies who would like to share their experience and thoughts on how to raise happy and healthy babies.

Now that the festivities of the baby shower are history and you and your significant other have passed through the most exciting and stressful day of your life – when you first saw your little one’s face, you enter a new chapter in your life: Raising Your Baby. 

Most new mothers will readily admit that having a baby for the first time is not just a joyous occasion, but an exciting and frightening time as well. There are many new issues that will make themselves known and without outside guidance from a trusted source, the fright side of motherhood can become overwhelming.

The bookstore shelves are crammed with titles on how to raise a smart, happy, healthy, strong, well-behaved baby. You can certainly choose the shopping cart approach to your infant’s development. But the experts are now starting to look more broadly at the first few months of the baby’s life. I think it would be helpful if you do, too.

The key in stimulating emotional and intellectual growth in your baby is your own behaviour— what you do, what you don't do, how you scold, how you reward and how you show affection. If the baby's brain is the hardware, then you, the parents, provide the software. When you understand the hardware (your baby's brain), you will be better able to design the software (your own behavior) to promote baby's well-being. According to the Psychology Today Magazine, “The first two years of life are critical in this regard because that's when your baby is building the mental foundation that will dictate his or her behaviour through adulthood.” It is the emotional quality of the relationship you and your baby have that will stimulate his or her optimal growth, emotionally and intellectually.

Certainly, you want your child to grow normal and ‘fit in’, however with today ‘s competition for selective schools and social pressure, the parents tend to start their kids education earlier and out of their best intentions the race for “superbaby” is on. Pushing your baby to learn words, numbers, colors and shapes too early forces the child to use lower-level thinking processes, rather than develop his or her learning ability. As a parent, you are able to observe your baby in his/her day-to-day development and see if they are emotionally ready to move on to the next step.

Until our next hello, be well and practice on your ‘mommy or daddy jigs’…..

Thoughts out loud...

Posted by dgglozman on October 13, 2012 at 6:00 PM

   It is a little ironic that I am writing my first blog entry in the fall. I am an autumn baby (born in September), and I like to bask in the gentle sunrays of the fading away Indian summer. Alas the chilly nights, blowing in my face with their crisp breath in the morning remind me about the winter.

   Our family annual apple picking ritual was a blast as usual. We followed our friend’s car on the way there and even though we’ve been to the farm once, the road’s serpentine looked unfamiliar. For a second there, we thought we got lost or followed the wrong car. But did it really matter? As the grey serpent of the road lured us deeper in the country, the eye couldn’t help but enjoy the colour explosion created by the Mother Nature’s magical brush: the soft yellows of the late fall corn fields, bronze and copper of the poplars, burgundy and crimson red of the maple trees, and, of course, the rich browns everywhere….

   Breaking the chronological order, my thoughts kept taking me back to our community event – Thornhill Village Festival. An annual festivity that takes place in the comfort of our little geographic pocket (Yonge between Clark and Centre), the festival is a true celebration of local craftsmanship, a fusion of many cuisines and foods from around the world, the time to shine and try your luck in raffles.

   All in all, blessed with the lovely weather and warm smiles from the strangers, perhaps the first time in Canada I felt that I was a part of that crowd, strange as it may sound – I felt home. It is noted by someone that traveling abroad usually gives you a strong sense of belonging to your country, boosts your nationalism. Surprisingly, I didn’t have to travel the world to feel it in my skin.

   Launching my baby gifts boutique I thought about catering to my community – create the warm and lovely gifts that people will be able to enjoy today and something that will become sweet memories overtime: the baby’s first booties, hat, lovely pink dress or his first baseball bib ‘mommy’s little VIP’. It’s great to be a part of your community, to help create memories, to spread the happiness and love. It gives you a positive charge in life – it makes it meaningful!