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Posted by dgglozman on October 13, 2012 at 6:00 PM

   It is a little ironic that I am writing my first blog entry in the fall. I am an autumn baby (born in September), and I like to bask in the gentle sunrays of the fading away Indian summer. Alas the chilly nights, blowing in my face with their crisp breath in the morning remind me about the winter.

   Our family annual apple picking ritual was a blast as usual. We followed our friend’s car on the way there and even though we’ve been to the farm once, the road’s serpentine looked unfamiliar. For a second there, we thought we got lost or followed the wrong car. But did it really matter? As the grey serpent of the road lured us deeper in the country, the eye couldn’t help but enjoy the colour explosion created by the Mother Nature’s magical brush: the soft yellows of the late fall corn fields, bronze and copper of the poplars, burgundy and crimson red of the maple trees, and, of course, the rich browns everywhere….

   Breaking the chronological order, my thoughts kept taking me back to our community event – Thornhill Village Festival. An annual festivity that takes place in the comfort of our little geographic pocket (Yonge between Clark and Centre), the festival is a true celebration of local craftsmanship, a fusion of many cuisines and foods from around the world, the time to shine and try your luck in raffles.

   All in all, blessed with the lovely weather and warm smiles from the strangers, perhaps the first time in Canada I felt that I was a part of that crowd, strange as it may sound – I felt home. It is noted by someone that traveling abroad usually gives you a strong sense of belonging to your country, boosts your nationalism. Surprisingly, I didn’t have to travel the world to feel it in my skin.

   Launching my baby gifts boutique I thought about catering to my community – create the warm and lovely gifts that people will be able to enjoy today and something that will become sweet memories overtime: the baby’s first booties, hat, lovely pink dress or his first baseball bib ‘mommy’s little VIP’. It’s great to be a part of your community, to help create memories, to spread the happiness and love. It gives you a positive charge in life – it makes it meaningful!

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