Garden colours create harmony in my soul

Posted by dgglozman on June 20, 2014 at 5:05 PM

I absolutely love this time of the year when my little garden is in full bloom, and I can just sit back, relax and work on my soft and cozy projects that will keep you warm in the winter: hats and scarves, shawls and toques, headbands and legwarmers.

There is nothing like knitting stitch after stitch and listening to the peaceful buzzing of the honey bee, or watching a butterfly with its velvety wings up, taking a short rest before it continues on its carefree and seemingly easy journey.

Just like the yarn unrolls and lays down into straight rows that will soon acquire their shape and character, and will be happy to cheer their new owners up in the grey, gloomy and cold winter days, my picturesque flowers add new colours to the garden with every dawn, making me wonder about the hues Mother Nature will splash out tomorrow. I love to discover a hidden little blossom looking different than its ‘sisters’, with a streak of turquoise or fuchsia, graphite or sea foam, resembling an exotic bird.

The colour mix creates harmony my eyes enjoy and my soul is getting inspired by!

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