Hands-on Science Class, or Did You Know How to Churn Butter?

Posted by dgglozman on July 28, 2014 at 2:55 PM

Churning your own butter is easier than you think. Normally, I make unsalted butter from the organic cream. However, from time to time I do enjoy flavoured/herb butter too, or as Germans call it Kräuterbutter (would certainly sound better if someone said it with a thick German accent). The taste is fantastic! Try it and you'll never serve your steak without German Herb Butter again.

On a regular Saturday morning our English class decided to travel back in time, when you had to make your own butter! With our students, we used a classic simple butter recipe without any ‘green stuff’ (if you know what I mean – kids think that green veggies will turn them into GREEN-monsters, please try that at home).

It was a hands-on class and a unique opportunity for our students to try and churn butter themselves. We did not feel lazy, so we asked our sous-chefs to whip some cream the old-fashion way: in a thick glass jar with a clean large pebble or marble. We said our ‘Good Luck’ to them….. The rest of the group, driven by the desire to have butter before the dusk, resorted to using a classic kitchen gadget – mixer!

The cream was at room temperature so it could whip easier and turn into butter faster, and we started the process. We saw different stages the cream went through, starting with whipped cream, then getting drier and grainy, then getting really dry.

Once it started separating from the sides of the bowl, we turned down the speed because the buttermilk could make a big splashy mess if we didn’t catch it. Then we saw a few drops of buttermilk at the bottom of the bowl. Our butter started to come together into a large yellow blob. Note from Seasoned Butter-Maker: If you’re using grass-fed cow cream that’s collected in Spring, you will be amazed at how bright and yellow your butter becomes, despite starting with white cream!

The next step was to strain out the buttermilk. Since it wasn’t one of the professional fully equipped kitchens at The Food Network Shows, we used a clean cheese cloth and a plastic container and, certainly, clean hands(!) to complete that task. With the clock ticking and minutes flying by taking us to the end of our class, we couldn’t get rid of all the liquid in our freshly made butter but we were so eager to try it. In the meantime, our helpers prepared piles of crackers for us to finally do the TASTING!

“Yammy! Delicious!” was the verdict of our butter making class, with everyone taking their very own vial of butter home for their parents to try and memories that will last for many years.

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