Hello, my name is Diana. I am the creator and designer of all things knitted. 

My idea to start a small home-based business was spontaneous like many other creative enterprises, and it has proven to be successful very quickly. My accessories are unique, made from natural yarns, elegant, and eye-catching, which makes my customers return and order more for themselves or as a gift. 

Nowadays, garments are produced in thousands items at a time. My goal was to create one of a kind hats and scarves, summer cobweb sweaters and vests, socks and baby booties so that you, your family and friends can enjoy and wear these accessories for many years. 

The term 'fast fashion' speaks for itself, made fast by machines, no feelings put into sewing or knitting of the garment. But some brands are pushing back against these trends, focusing more on 'slow fashion' where the clothing is made with love and passion in each stitch. 

I fell in love with designing and knitting my winter accessories since a very young age. Today, my childhood hobby has grown into a small knitting lab where I make my elegant and cozy handmade accessories that keep you and your loved ones warm and toasty - I know you and they will enjoy them, too. Many skills I learned from my Mom, especially knitting. Although, a great teacher, she has no patience for knitting. Her stitches always reflected her mood, sorry Mommy, Love you much!

My dear customers and followers, thank you very much for your support! I would certainly appreciate you checking out the website regularly and sharing it with your friends. Your comments and suggestions are invaluable to me, so please feel free to send them via e-mail/fbook.

The Founder - About Me & My Brand Bambinimio Knitwear