The desire to utilize my creativity and my passion for all things babies led me to starting BambiniMio – Creative Baby Gifts in August of 2012.

     My idea for the company was validated when I noticed that many of my friends and acquaintances who juggle work and the number of kids’ extracurricular activities after hours, struggled with last minute shopping, searching for that one unique baby shower gift which would leave a long lasting impression and be the conversation piece at the baby shower.

     With that in mind, I began designing my adorable baby baskets & arrangements that exude joy and happiness to complement the occasion!

I draw my inspiration from Mother Nature, observing the season changes; from the little things spotted while taking a stroll in the park. Visiting art galleries brings a storm of creative ideas. All this I try to incorporate in my gift baskets, baby bouquets and arrangements.

     Many skills I learned from my Mom, especially knitting. Although, a great teacher, she has no patience for knitting. Her stitches always reflected her mood, sorry Mommy :) Love you much!


     My dear customers and followers, thank you very much for your support! I would certainly appreciate you checking out the website regularly and sharing it with your friends. Your comments and suggestions are invaluable to me, so please feel free to send them via e-mail/fbook.

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